About Us

#Maker Solutions is a highly competitive software development company that has managed to make its mark in cloud based software technologies. With our growing client base, we have delivered robust and interactive business solutions using modern technologies.

What do we offer?

Our services are diverse and we have a solution for the needs of many businesses. From cloud-based web software development to Mobile app development, large scale custom software development and fully dedicated team, we can cater to all your needs and provide you with everything that you are looking for.
We have a team of highly qualified developers, QA engineers and support staff that work in collaboration with each other and deliver better results than expected. We owe our efficiency to a highly optimized working methodology and management of every task effectively.


Our Methodology

#Maker Solutions’ methodology is effective and robust with our result-driven and interactive approach towards the projects. We believe in delivering the best customer services with efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We enrich our strategy with the leading practices of the industry ranging from classical Waterfall to modern agile methodology. Making sure that every project with #Maker Solutions becomes a wholesome experience for you, we build valuable long term relationships with our customers.


Planning and requirement analysis

We have specialists to deal with every step of the project. With business analysts defining the initial planning and optimize the strategy, we can reach our goals easily and speedily. We have very vigilant project managers who will define the development methodology and cooperation model along with choosing the most appropriate team for this project.

well managed

Well Managed

With our systematic working procedure, we make our approach even more customer-centric by prioritizing the most important things. With a complete understanding of what is important and what is not, we deliver high-quality programs and manage them equally well.


Swift working and agile framework

We at #Maker Solutions believe in optimizing our projects by adopting an agile development strategy that helps in maintaining a swift and smooth working of the team and get their maximum output in return.


Thorough Quality assurance

The software is tested continuously by a highly efficient team of Quality Assurance engineers to help boost its productivity without any problem. The team will assist the developers throughout the life cycle of the software making sure that you get the best and efficient product.

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