Backend Development

Our services include a full-stack Backend Development layer support and migration of software to cloud. We have got your back in processing, development, and maintenance of your existing software and scaling it up to match your current needs.

  Backend development   

Backend development

We keep your project arranged and easily scalable by providing backend development from your projects no matter how big or small they are. With precision and attention to detail, we provide easily manageable heterogeneous software solutions.

  Backend Refactoring   

Backend Refactoring

We can refurbish your entire setup at the backend layer without interfering with the front end so that you can scale up your apps without any interruption in its working.

  Migration to Cloud   

Migration to Cloud

#Maker Solutions will assist the transfer of your software's backend layer to cloud-based systems. We provide cloud computing services, enabling the provision of computing power, storage, and access to make your business elastic and smooth.

Technologies We Use

A plethora of services

API management

We provide cloud-based and on-premises versions of tailored and to the point interfaces and help you deploy and manage them with our years of expertise in the field.


#Maker Solutions integrate an automated system of regulated notifications that will provide your user with just the right kind of information wherever they are.

User Authentication

Safety and security of users is our topmost priority. That is why we integrate high-quality user authentication and authorization processes to secure the identity of the users and to avoid any trouble.

plethora of services

Data synchronization

For a super smooth running of any software, we synchronize the backed data with different types of hardware devices and protect data theft with high-end security measures.


We keep your backend data safely stored either at cloud-based systems of privately available databases so that you don't have to worry about storage at all.


By developing custom communication adaptors or REST/SOAP services. #Maker solutions integrate highly complex enterprise software for the best output that a company can expect.

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