A Cloud based B2B Platform Development to Manage Home & Field Service Business

Fully functional business software with web interface and mobile application

Integrated with CRM & Scheduling modules

Improved platform performance thanks to the implemented load distribution algorithms


Technologies We Used

14 Months


Web & Mobile


ServiceBull is cloud-based software made to build a business solution for home & field services companies and individuals to minimize paperwork and promote their business through online platforms. #Maker Solutions helped to develop the project from scratch until its launch with the best quality services utilizing a dedicated team of developers, quality engineers, support team, etc.


The client who was based in the USA wanted very efficient software that could regulate businesses of smaller companies with 1-10 employees and connect them to a wide customer market. We needed to create this software in a way that is easy to use both for the business owner and the client and can boost the business’s growth at a significant rate.


We planned the project with the complete participation of our client from the beginning until the end. A team of very skilled and experienced engineers was employed for this project. We proposed a model where the software will target smaller businesses of size between 1 – 10 team members.

Here, we provided a seamless process to create visits and jobs, save customer information and history, send estimates for customer’s approval, functionality to dispatch jobs to employees and track their work and monitor leader board, send invoices to customers and accept payments through credit cards.

Also, certain features like business reports to improve customer’s business strategy and integrations with third-party apps for online bookings (i.e., Yelp, Facebook, etc.) for business promotion & sharing financial data (Quickbooks) were added. Overall we had high hopes for this large scale project and we put a great deal of effort into it as well.

System Highlights

Service Bull has certain features that make it one of a kind software for smaller businesses to grow.

Business Statistics:

We created a very precise dashboard where all the business activities and progress is shown in graphs and tables that provides valuable statistics for the progress of the users making the software user-friendly and a big success.

Online Bookings:

Automated online booking system made Service Bull easy to use both for the businesses and their customers through its dynamic settings and user-friendly interface.

Email/ SMS notifications:

We created automated systems for sending notifications and reminders to the customers through email and SMS. This keeps the customers in a loop and hence benefits the businesses using the software.

Scheduling and dispatching:

An elaborate system was created to manage the scheduling of jobs and visits and then communicate them to the employees for the swift working of the businesses and uninterrupted communication.

Customer records:

The software was made to keep all the records of customers for every individual business and provide automated statistics for each of them so that the businesses can strategize their performance accordingly.

Employee Performance Records:

A system to keep a check on the activity of employees so that everyone is rewarded for what they do and to potentially enhance the customer service was created.

Automated Invoices and estimates:

Quick estimates and quotes were generated through software to make it easy for the business owners to communicate with their clients. After completing any job, automated invoices were generated that could be sent to the client by just a click. Record of the invoices and estimates and an approval system were created so that the software could be a booster of businesses’ performance.

Safe payment methods:

We inculcated third-party apps like stripe for a safe transfer of payments between the client and the businesses making the software even more appealing.

Intuitive user interface:

With the complete collaboration with the client, we designed one of a kind user interface that was easy to use and understand for both the businesses and their clients.

High scalability:

Like every project that we make, Service Bull was also very scalable software that could be enhanced on demand by the client and its high scalability made it easy for our client to expand the software around the globe as he wishes.


With the utter diligence and hard work of our team, utilizing their unmatchable skills and creativity, we completed this project in 18 months and were able to satisfy our client to the fullest. The client was so happy with our work that he also hired us for the future projects and maintenance of this software even before we were done with it.

We will manage any sort of maintenance issue for service bull including upgrades, adding new features and server administration. This proved to be a milestone in our success story and we are motivated to keep the journey going and earn more happy customers.

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